A Digital Dilemma.

A Digital Dilemma.

A colleague of ours recently got married and on returning from 2 weeks of marital bliss decided he and his wife should open a joint account.

Everything worked fine for the first few days until he was invited on a boy’s night out. Realising he was short of cash he dropped over to a well-known bank ATM, inserted the joint account debit card and withdrew Rs5,000/- (after all he had lots to talk about and the night was looking a long one).

30 minutes later he gets a call from his wife on his mobile.

“Why have you just withdrawn Rs5,000/- from the account?”

Dumfounded and temporarily lost for words (unusual) he dug his grave by saying “I didn’t, I only withdrew Rs500/-“

Quick as a flash his newly betrothed answered “Listen, I get an alert on MY mobile when YOU withdraw cash from our joint account.”

Collapse of colleague and disappearance of his dinner into the family dog.

The moral of this sad story is that whilst technology can be responsible for lots of lovey-dovey messages leading up to the moment when the Groom says “I do” and believes he is committing himself to a life of connubial bliss, the real truth comes along silently afterwards.

The dangers of not thinking ahead when you’re thinking of digital marketing.

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