Here’s a fun thing

As you would expect from Direct Solutions, we try and keep ahead of the competition in everything we do.

That’s why I’m personally inviting you to register for our brand new blog. Another first in Sri Lanka.

So, what are you going to get?

  • Comments on local marketing activities that could be improved?
  • Personal reports on some of the more atrocious ways we have been treated when it comes to personal service?
  • Garlands of honour to those who are getting it right?
  • Reports on what’s happening in the direct marketing world beyond our shores and the impact it could have on us?
  • TV commercials and print examples from around the world?
  • Ways to get more from your marketing?

Yes, to everyone of those….and more.

Naturally, there will be no mention or indication of the actual companies involved so save potentially huge libel and legal fees, but the garlands will be mentioned by name. Why, we might even have a small awards ceremony at the end of the year to give out the real thing.

There will be no b******t, plenty of b****s and tons of knowledge and information.

There’ll be even more because you’ll also be able to send notes to us to comment on and stories to post.

And the best part is if you don’t like it then just de-register and we won’t bother you anymore.

Fair enough?

Oh, one more thing, you will NEVER, EVER receive any e-mails from any other source but our blog.

That’s an abolute promise.

So, to register, simply click here and the next page will tell you what to do.

Here’s to the first blog than!

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