What a load of bankers

What a load of bankers

I bank with a certain bank which operates a loyalty scheme as part of their credit card offering and yesterday I received an SMS reminder about the points I was earning.

Feeling grateful for the reminder of the ‘000’s of points I must have amassed in the last 3 years, I called them.

A young lady answered. “Hello”

“How can I find out how many points I have accumulated on my loyalty programme?”

“Give me your card number”

At this point, thankfully, I retained my sanity and declined.

She didn’t say the name of the bank, she didn’t give her name, she didn’t ask my name or any form of security process in order to ensure she was talking to the card owner and not someone who had stolen it.

This is terrifying because here is an organization that I am supposed to trust with my money, who spend millions of rupees trying to either buy or build that trust, yet they can’t get the most basic of security processes in place to make sure I DO trust them.

Answers of a postcard please

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