Why do people buy Apple products?

Because they are the next best thing to sex?


Holding an Iphone in your hand is one of THE experiences of our modern world and, to plagiarize an American Express line, “Says more about you than any other ‘phone ever can.”

And guess who designed it. Step forward Jonathon Ive, British Designer par excellence and a product of the same school as David Beckham. (What DO they put in the water down there?)

He’s been with Apple for 20 years now and he and his team are responsible for the IMac, Ipod, Iphone, IPad and probably some more amazing products that will make you invisible, fly you to distant galaxies and bring Abba back together.

The strange part of Ive’s make up is that he thinks like a direct marketer. For someone who is responsible for creating some of the best known brand designs the world has ever seen, that’s a strange fact.

You see Ive understands that it is the usefulness of a product that counts, not technological speeds and features.

In other words it’s the benefits we get, not how fast it is or the colour – although both help. The design is the result of the benefits – not the reverse.

See what happens when you think direct marketing and make benefits the core of the customer experience.

Are you listening Bill?

Bill….?….Bill….?…Are you there Bill?

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